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X: Play for Your Life – An interactive, role-playing board game to cultivate COGNITIVE EMPATHY in clinical practice

View the video presentation

Resident-Led Wellness: Fostering the Skills Emergency Medicine Residents Need to Thrive Using an Innovative Longitudinal Mentorship Model

ePoster for Council of EM Residency Directors (CORD) Conference 2023

View the game, “X: Play For Your Life” at
View both posters and >200 references at:
View the Sarasota Model Proposal.
In my Ph.D. research, we used cellular aggregates of mouse P19C5 stem cells that were capable of spontaneously forming body axes and elongating in a manner similar to embryos in vivo. Teratogenic drugs alter the shape of the aggregates, so I used this in vitro morphogenesis to assess whether drugs had the ability to cause birth defects.

Ph.D. Research: Using in vitro morphogenesis to identify drugs that cause birth defects

Institute for Biogenesis Research, Developmental and Reproductive Biology Graduate Program, Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2015-2018.
YouTube Video demonstrating the steps of the macro I programmed to outline our embryoid bodies (EBs) in ImageJ.

PDFs of Publications:

  • Warkus, E & Marikawa, Y. (2018). PMID: 26385866.
  • Warkus, E. (2018). Doctoral dissertation. Pub. No: 10992921.
  • Warkus, E & Marikawa, Y. (2017). PMID: 28184906.
  • Warkus, E, Yuen, A, Lau, C & Marikawa, Y. (2016). PMID: 26385866.

IFER Fellowship Recipient 2016 – Awardee Research Video

IFER Fellowship Recipient 2017 – Awardee Research Video

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Dissertation

Barrett, the Honors College, Arizona State University, Tempe, 2012

Diversity Project Internship (NSF PIRE grant with UCLA and Udayana University)

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 2011. Voluntary individual research project, done in parallel with IBRC Coral Head Biodiversity group project looking at arthropod diversity.

CIEE Tropical Ecology and Conservation study abroad program – individual research project

Monteverde, Costa Rica, 2010.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer internship

University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2010.

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