We, the applicants, are interviewing you too. Here’s how I prepare, interview and assess your program.

The Rationale

There is a reason for everything I do.

My approach to interviews has been a series of experiments. Here’s the rationale.

The Rubric

Did the nurses smile? Does the PD have a vision? Dog friendly?

The things I pay attention about a program and my template for taking notes during the interview.

(That’s my dog )

My Questions for you

Three questions I ask my interviewers & the logic behind them.

(Picture of the handout I bring to all my interviewers. It’s just a summary of my ERAS application.)

Feedback for Residency Programs and Interviewers:

Response to a program’s post-interview survey. Just in case it’s useful to you.

The Best (& Worst) Interview Questions I’ve heard

Unique things from each program that work well (a list that I will continue to update)

How do you compare? (things that residents and faculty would want to see in a presentation at ACEP or other similar venue [In progress])

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